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So is there something good about the metaverse after all?

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All I can say is that, if virtual reality is going to be used this way, then we need better brain machine interface, not only for control, but for virtual sensation.

Reminds me of Snow Crash.  But I still on betting that most of it is a stupid waste of time.

Illegal movie downloading on the internet

I think that the motion picture industry is right to be worried about this. But when they act like the people who download movies are taking money out of their pockets, they are simply wrong.

The only way that is true is if and only if, every decision to download a movie is also a decision to not view the movie through other means.

And that is just nonsense. People would rather they could afford Satellite TV and Tivo. The numbers who are deciding not to purchase DVDs in preference to making illegal downloads has got to be marginal.

Who is really getting hurt by what is so easy to download? Probably the local networks. They are the ones who are losing viewers, I would guess.

Like I said at the beginning. The motion picture industry needs to make sure they are not losing their investments. But the claims I see seem to use a model that cannot be true. If I owned a local TV station though, I would be really upset about how easily more sought after content can be acquired.