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Music Monday: Aimee Mann

(This is early because tomorrow will be busy.)

I am going to give everyone the impression that I get all my music from TV and movies. Well, after college I pretty much lost my new-music-social-network (i.e. college friends) so I am necessarily limited from that point on. Anyone know a music version of shelfari?

I discovered Aimee Mann through Magnolia (huge dooce-sized content warning). This isn’t as shallow as it may seem because her music actually inspired the story, I think.

So here’s Wise Up (and one of the most bizarre scenes I’ve ever witnessed in a movie; for some this spoiled it–but not melodramatic me).

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That’s Just What You Are is one of her more normal songs. (And remember I’m doing this for the music, not to recommend anyone’s fashion sense or lack thereof.) If memory serves, this was written for an ex-boyfriend–as you could probably guess.

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Here she is in concert. I love this song.

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I’m so sorry I do not have a chance here to add to my reputation of gratuitous poster of buffy scenes. But, amazingly, the gillions of youth with too much time on their hands found something better to do than posting the episode where Mann is at the Bronze and Spike find’s out he’s been conditioned. Oh well.

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Below are the albums I own (and love). Sadly, I now need to find them since my iMac’s iTunes is locked behind a dead logic board. (Remember, if you decide to make a purchase, that the soundtrack and best-of is going to be redundant with some others).

Starbuck’s music analyzed at Slate

This Slate Podcast analyzing the Music sold and played at Starbucks is pretty fun. I notice that I am musically illiterate and that I have problems linking race to music. I guess I feel like their implying the lack of hiphop is a racial issue. Maybe I’m over interpreting.

But this all seems like more evidence that what retailers are really selling. If you want to buy music you can go online and if you want coffee you can buy at your local grocery store and brew it at home. But you go to Starbucks to buy community, attitude, sophistication–image.

Which probably has a lot to do with why I’m listening listening to this podcast.

Hmm… perhaps I should blog about moleskines….

By the way. Starbucks is a great chain (though evidence that I wasn’t a true Seattlite was found in the fact that I didn’t spurn Seattle’s Best Coffee shops). But Panera Bread Company (also St. Louis Bread Company) is much better. Universal free wifi and free refills. You gotta try them.

I’m sure they’ll be selling pretentious music soon as well.