Suggestions about Christians and the political-economy – Kuyperian Commentary

  1. God could conceivably have arranged the world so that human beings were each distributed equally on the earth so that each had just enough resources to meet his or her needs.
  2. That would be an odd sort of world, however, because each area of land would have to be capable of producing the same amount, and each person would have the exact skills to produce from the land what he needed.
  3. No one would ever travel, or invent new technology in such a world, since each would be too busy meeting his own needs and there would be no point in trade.
  4. But the real world God made involves several different features: marriage and children, for instance.
  5. So in the real world a man and woman join into a household and, in the majority of cases, produce some number of children.
  6. So the family has different needs over time.
  7. Furthermore, no one can be entirely certain of what his future needs might be.

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