Why I hated the movie Insidious

I knew nothing about the movie,  but as we watched (one of my children begged me to view it with him or her!) I came to think it was a more intense version of Poltergeist with a variant explanation. The nerdy techs and the psychic woman and the gifted child desired by unnatural forces all seemed familiar.

So, for almost two hours, I grew to side with the family and root for them as they dealt with horror.

I like horror sometimes. I can even enjoy stories where the main character “gets it” in the end. Some Twilight Zone episodes were like that. Typically, those stories show us a person who deserves it or close to it.

And typically such stories or episodes are short.

I don’t spend two hours watching an epic conflict between a family and evil forces to see the family get destroyed in the last three minutes after thinking they had triumphed.

Oh yeah, there are spoilers in this post.

I hated Insidious. I feel like it was a personal attack.

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