Coming up: 2012 is the two decade anniversary of the beginning of Christian Origins and the Question of God

NT & the People of God1992 saw the publication of N. T. Wright’s  The New Testament and the People of God, Volume 1 of Christian Origins and the Question of God.

I didn’t know who Wright was until years later, after the second volume had come out. I still don’t know if he will ever finish it.

But the first-two books by themselves will go down in history as some of the most important scholarship to be published in the Christian world. So I’ll be re-reading and blogging through this work in 2012, Lord willing.

In addition to blogging about different sections, I’ll also blog about why I think the series is so important. That might begin before 2012. Or might not. You know how seldom I find the time or concentration to follow up with many promises on this blog.

But I plan to try. So stay tune.

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