God judges sooner than the Last Day, so statism is wrong

I love this post by Doug Wilson. Love!

I want to offer one minor addition to what he says to combat statism. It is true that God will judge at the Last Day, but it needs to be remembered that he also judges (and saves!) sooner than that (and I’ve learned this from Doug himself, by the way).

God promises to cut off the wicked by the third of fourth generation. We see evil and fear it will spread and destroy society. We have to trust God that he will judge the wicked and cause the righteous to flourish and grow in society.

Sinful actions are not just wrong, but they bring their own destruction. You have to appreciate God’s patience but trust that he will intervene before the sin becomes overwhelming.

I happen to be spending a lot of time in Proverbs. So this happened to be on my mind.

2 thoughts on “God judges sooner than the Last Day, so statism is wrong

  1. mark Post author

    One problem with this point, as I have left it, is that it could lead to simplistic judgments about people based on their present levels of poverty or prosperity. More later.

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