Crushing the righteous in the gate? We’ll see next week

With his mouth the godless man would destroy his neighbor,
but by knowledge the righteous are delivered.
When it goes well with the righteous, the city rejoices,
and when the wicked perish there are shouts of gladness.
By the blessing of the upright a city is exalted,
but by the mouth of the wicked it is overthrown

Here are some resources for those who 1. care about the Bible and 2. think the Reformed Heritage allows us to care about the Bible.

LINK (Note, I pasted the most relevant links directly in this post but it changed the urls for some reason. But they still work in the original entry)

If none of this interests you, consider that you may have one week left to read the PCA’s most widely-published and widely read theologian, with the possible exception of Tim Keller.  In addition to his books, and his blog, you might also find interesting his writings for Touchstone Magazine and those in First Things.

Here are three reviews of Peter’s latest book, Defending Constantine (IVP),

Also I recently found this going on at Duke University as one of their “discernment groups”:

Church and Empire

This group will reflect on the conflict and cooperation of church and empire. We’ll read selections from The Original Revolution, by John Howard Yoder, and then move to read a new book called Defending Constantine, by Peter Leithart. This group is for students interested in wrestling seriously with the political implications of the Christian faith. We’ll meet weekly or bi-weekly depending on interest and availability.

Perhaps PCA authors get this kind of coverage at Duke all the time and this isn’t noteworthy at all.

I have to admit I’m not sure how to pray for Peter.

If Daniel gets thrown into the lion’s den and the lions want to eat pizza and drink beer with him and discuss what the Bible really says, while Daniel’s accusers bite and devour one another outside, one is inclined to think he has been delivered from Babylon rather than condemned.

Also, while I assume his vindication would continue to be given the eery silent treatment that most Christians show to denominations behaving badly (or trying to), I keep wondering if a false verdict would break that silence. Suddenly we would have people in the wider Evangelical and non-Evangelical world talking about baptism, justification, the Bible, and the Reformed heritage. The Escondido revisionism would be openly acknowledged, and a great many other things that could use some light and fresh air.

1 thought on “Crushing the righteous in the gate? We’ll see next week

  1. pentamom

    The accusers themselves regard this as the PCA on trial, of course — if the PCA does not reach their predetermined verdict, it stands condemned. Interesting relationship to have to one’s OWN church courts.


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