The day I will take a “Biblicist” seriously…

…will be the day I meet one who devotes as much time and attention to discovering whether or not professing Christians are truly converted and to whether or not the young children of Christians are truly converted as the Bible does.

One thought on “The day I will take a “Biblicist” seriously…

  1. Rick Hogaboam

    That’s a narrow litmus test, but I get your point. I would say that the atonement is central. So many “Biblicists” can’t even explain propitiation, protesting that it’s a theological term. When they are informed that it is actually in Scripture and are embarrassed, you know you have met a blind “Biblicist”. I work from that foundation to then discuss the broader nature of Scripture.

    You’re right though if you suggest that the “No Creed but the Bible” crowd holds to many creeds that aren’t scriptural while denouncing others that are.


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