Murray Rothbard’s testimony about Ludwig Von Mises as an exile teacher in the US

…So in this state, Mises comes to the United States, he’s penniless, he’s about 60 years old or so. He starts writing in a new language, and he can’t get an academic post. This is the eternal blot on academia. This is a situation where every Marxist and semi-Marxist and three-quarter Marxist was getting cushy top chairs at Harvard and Princeton and whatever, and Mises couldn’t find an academic post, and he finally got one at NYU as a visiting professor with a salary paid for by outside businessmen and foundations. Same thing happened to Hayek. Hayek’s salary at the University of Chicago was never paid for by Chicago; it was paid for by outside business groups.

As a result, Mises was scorned, the dean was against him, the dean advised people not to take his courses and things like that. He was in a fantastically miserable situation, and yet–and here’s where I come into the picture; I get to know him at this point–when he started a seminar at NYU.

…How did he act? It was magnificent, I couldn’t believe it. He was cheerful, was never bitter, never said an unkind word about anything, any person, and very sweet, and it was just a magnificent experience…

1 thought on “Murray Rothbard’s testimony about Ludwig Von Mises as an exile teacher in the US

  1. kevin+

    He had the serenity of a man that knows that he is right. And the confidence of a man that knew that history & time would vindicate him.

    All of that from a non-believer!

    How much more confidence should a man who puts his trust in the LORD demonstrate? How much more sweet & less bitter?

    Those that Bark are most often Dogs. Those that Bite are most often Wolves. Those that Pray are most often Saints.



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