An obvious comment about “FV” and Presbyterian polity

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  1. Stacked and biased study committees never work well unless they can also terminate the operations of real church courts. I’m sure many could vote for a report at the GA level and still vote honestly, according to their ordination vows, when dealing with real court process. This is an opportunity for people to repent of stacked study committees. They shouldn’t waste the opportunity.
  2. A vote on a committee report at the GA level does not have the authority to amend the doctrinal standards of the PCA.

Back when the GA approved a report on “the space of six days” language in the Westminster Standards, you never heard opponents of the decision feeling bound to respect it. Nor did those who agreed with it ever act like they were obligated to do so.

Of course, there was a time when proposals for study committees did not include the names of all the members of the proposed committee. They simply trusted the moderator to nominate them. That changed after the FV “Study” Committee was appointed.

I’m glad to see again that a Presbyterian pastor has been vindicated from false allegations. Not the first time. Doubt it will be the last.

4 thoughts on “An obvious comment about “FV” and Presbyterian polity

  1. pduggie

    Meyers “If you go back to my answers to the MICR on covenant and merit, I think you will see what I meant by this statement. It’s the overly “economic” view of the covenant of works that I have problems with.”

    I think I tried to say the same thing once. Glad to see the MOP doesn’t think that distinction is games-playing. Hope more and more see that

  2. Al Stout

    From Lane’s comment: “…the whole story is not told yet. The Standing Judicial Commission (or, if you are FV, the Star Judicial Chamber) might have something to say about this before all is said and done.”

    When you hunger and thirst after confessionalism, your belly continues to rumble and your throat is always dry.

    sad really

    May God keep Pastor Meyers

    al sends

  3. pentamom

    The courts are now being treated as a means for the self-identified truly orthodox to gauge the health of the church. We no longer use the courts to identify whether a man is vindicated or false, we use them to determine whether a Presbytery is faithful or apostate, based on whether they vindicate someone we have already judged to be false.

    I can’t imagine why anyone, especially anyone with so adversarial and understanding of church polity, would remain in a denomination where this kind of continual testing of the orthodoxy of its own courts is necessary. Why wait until whatever arbitrary “last straw” line you’ve crossed, if your only relationship to the courts is to watch them to see if your own personal judgment is upheld? The discipline of such courts is of no value to your ministry or your soul, in that case.


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