Proverbs sermon (3.1-15)

I preached this Sunday (2-6-2011):

Wisdom Sermon

If you want to get around the flash player and download this, open up a window or tab and copy the following URL:

Then you can “save page as” and it should download to your hard drive.

A couple of oddities. I couldn’t find my ESV pulpit Bible so I used my NASB. But my notes are from the ESV. So the initial reading is slightly different.

Also, at some points the pipes started banging for some reason. Sounded like someone outside with a hammer (due to icy conditions we were not meeting in the usual sanctuary.

I recorded the sermon with a portable mp3 recorder that was put on the pulpit for me. The file was compressed so that it could be emailed to me. Not the best quality but sufficient, I think.

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