Why you might need to take a look at yourself

There simply is no truth or principle that is so wonderful or important or glorious or blessed by God that it cannot be used as an opportunity and excuse for you to gyrate in the pleasures of the flesh: boasting, arrogance, hatred of others, pride in self.

There will always be people who wrongly reject this truth or principle–whether due to your own horrible representation of the same or for some other reason. Either way, if they see that your behavior affords them an excuse for theirs, they will bring it up.

And you will be able to use them as an example of how the world hates you and imputes to you the sins of the flesh when you are only being faithful to the Great Truth and Principle.  This “persecution” will be your vindication, and the vindication will simply be another excuse to gyrate in the pleasures of the flesh.

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