Martin Bucer on trusting the way the Bible speaks of the Sacraments

Christ truly washes from their sins and regenerates those upon whom the Church bestows baptism, which is in fact the laver of regeneration…

Since we ought to speak of the Word and Sacraments as the Lord has commended them to his Church, and wishes them to be used, I some time since acknowledged, and reassert, that it is rightly said of the Word and Sacraments, when we speak simply of them, that they are the administration of salvation, channels, vehicles, and instruments of the Spirit and grace…

We shall then speak most fully, clearly, and certainly concerning these points of faith, when we speak according to the rule and form of the Scriptures. Now therein the Lord clearly says, that his Gospel is his power for salvation to every one that believes, that baptism is the laver of regeneration, that the eucharist is the communication of his body and blood, that his ministers bind and loose, retains sins and remit them; why therefore should not we also speak thus?

…by baptism we are said to be loosed and washed from our sins, because by baptism, through the power of Christ and the ministry of the Church, we receive pardon and cleansing…”

Source: The Doctrine of the Church of England as to the Effects of Baptism in the Case of Infants by William Goode

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  1. Jim

    A bit off this topic but … Mr Goode wrote “The Divine Rule of Faith and Practice,” a polemic in support of Sola Scriptura and against Rome. It’s heavily referenced in David King and William Webster’s three volume set on the topic.

    I finally found it, along with a treasure trove of other books … for free on the Internet.

    Here is a post I did when I found it in 2007


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