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Prophecy Girl

My parents have FIOS.  Which means they have fast internet. Which means I can actually watch

It is a wonderful thing, except for the part where I have to travel to Texas.

They also have an elliptical machine with a board fastened to it so you can watch your laptop screen while you pedal or step or whatever, and sweat.

All this is to say, I watched Prophecy Girl tonight.  Again for first time.

Background here: first off, nothing I’m about to say is meant to imply that Whedon is anything close to a Christian.  He’s not.  The ending of Angel was as much a Norse apocalypse as one could ask for.  And according to this spoiler summary, the new comic book season 8 shows Whedon just can’t let go of Lesbian soft p0rn cliches.  But Whedon knows a good story, and Gospel’s story of sacrificial death and resurrection is too good to pass up.  Season 5 was marred by only one thing, that it didn’t end the show.  The end of season 6, however, also did the them almost as well, with the carpenter saving the world by being willing to die at the hands of the one he loved.

But I came into Buffy through reruns and never saw it in order.  When I finally saw season 1, I was amazed at how poorly it was done in so many ways.  Prophecy Girl itself features a three-headed muppet worm that screams “low budget” in a tri-vocal wail.  So I saw Prophecy Girl and thought it stood out, but I didn’t really pay much attention to it.

I must have been blind.

[spoiler warning]

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