My first (partial) book gig ever

Here’s the cover, and here is George’s commendation.  As he says, I came into the project especially for the chapter on nineteenth century missions.  It was an honor to be part of it because, for a small book, it was in my view an important one.

I have been bothering Jay about producing a generic form of Theologia‘s template so I can use it for a business site.  Then I saw what Jandy discovered, and decided that was direction to go (considering this blog’s present template, I’m was kind of embarrassed to do so, but I didn’t see anything comparable…).  Of course, when Jandy said it required “fiddling” with the code, I didn’t use our relative skills to adjust the translation.  I suspect the site will be under construction for some time to come.

Nevertheless, both and go there.  And I’ll probably be posting entries here that will be meant to go there eventually.

One thought on “My first (partial) book gig ever

  1. Jandy

    Hee. I apparently spend way too much time finding the good templates, eh?

    The thing that needs code fiddling is telling it which categories to go where. Basically, each section of the site (on mine, “articles,” “news,” “film reviews,” “book reviews,” etc.) is a category, so you’ve got to plan ahead of time what categories you’re going to use. Then in the main index php file, you’ve got to tell it which category (by category number) each section should contain. The theme code is pretty well commented to tell you which parts do what. It also uses the “custom fields” option when you post to choose the picture that shows on the front page; I’d never used custom fields before, so that took me a bit to figure out. If you’re not going to use pictures, though, it won’t matter as much.

    Let me know if you want assistance with it. It’s a pretty sweet theme, no?


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