5 thoughts on “Easter 2007 & 2008: Pick out the growth spurt

  1. Mom/Ruth

    I notice in each photo the three taller family members are standing in the second row with the two tallest on the outside. But Calvin traded places with Jennifer this year, and I wonder if next year he’ll trade with you, Mark! His phenomenal spurt makes it less apparent, but the other three children aren’t the same height as last year, either.

  2. jennifer

    I have to agree with Mom. Since I buy the clothes in the family, I know that all 4 children have grown. Charis is our other significant grower. If you look at the picture, last year she was below the shoulder on Evangeline. This year, she is closer to being only a head shorter. Nevin is not quite keeping up with Calvin’s growth rate, but he is still at Calvin’s shoulder.

  3. Kat

    It was great to see your family, Mark!! I looked at the photos with my son Nate and I told him you were the first friend I ever had. He thought that was really cool.

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