Calvins’ calvinism

The website Calvin and calvinism just dropped a bomb.  Here’s a sliver of the shrapnel:

And moreover, besides that the son of God has offered up himself for redemption: let us understand that he makes us partakers of that benefit at this day, by means of the Gospel. For he gathers us to him to the intent that we should be of his flock. That is true he is the lamb without spot which wipes away the sins of the world, and that he has offered himself up to reconcile men unto God [John 1:29, 2 Tim 1:9, 10 Rom 5:10, and 2 Cor 5:19]. But yet for all that, we see a great number of people are that are let alone, against whom the gate is shut, and GOD does not grant them the grace to be enlightened by faith as we be.

1 thought on “Calvins’ calvinism

  1. Steven W

    This is so ironic in our current scene because of all the logical progressions and slippery slopes. If you deny X, then you must also deny Y.

    So Calvin’s a semi-pelagian now. Just like Augustine.


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