Instead of cold calling

One of the problems with working at home is the distractions of small children when trying to use the phone. This is an idea I’ve been hesitant to try because I hadn’t heard of anyone else doing it.

But what is with all the legal threats? Sending a single email that you write to a specific person for a specific purpose should not be an action that invites fear of government reprisals.

1 thought on “Instead of cold calling

  1. COD

    I do it almost every day. That writer is clueless though. Her emails will just get deleted. What you have to do is more research up front to identify an actual reason why the company needs your services, then approach on that basis.

    Dear Mark,

    I noticed that Company X has a corporate blog that is sporadically updated. Research has shown that a regularly maintained blog has direct and positive impacts on sales blah blah blah I can help by ghostwriting 3 articles a week….blah blah blah

    You’d have to find some real article backing up the claims, but that is easy enough. The key is to keep it short. The entire email needs to be readable in the preview window of Outlook.

    I”ll forward you a couple of my templates off line.


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