4 thoughts on “The salvation of Christian infants

  1. pentamom

    Mr. Gray’s comment on the “I will have mercy” post about “no alternate reality” nailed it. He expressed it so well.

  2. David Gray

    And pentamom spells my name correctly! It is unfortunate to see a minister like Pastor Greco choose to state things which are categorically untrue as he now has.

  3. David Gray

    And in as much as I understand something it is with great gratitude that I’d have to credit my pastors who helped me come to a fuller understanding of the gospel than when I was a reformed baptist. In this current climate I’d be reluctant to name names though…

  4. mark Post author

    David, I fixed your name. I was also sorry to see that you count as a troll for simply disagreeing with someone. Pretty sad. And in the face of the public facts about the history of Reformed teaching on this issue.

    Basically, the historical ideal for some Reformed teachers is the stage of Puritanism in the moment before it turned into Predestinarian credobaptism. Everything before that really belongs to Rome rather than Geneva–because there are only two options you know.


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