James Jordan’s series teaching the book of Ephesians

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It is simply a travesty that the name “Paul” for most people, summons up a pastiche of Romans and Galatians while the other letters are relatively neglected. Ephesians 2.8-10 might make the cut but not much else.

I say it is a travesty because the evidence indicates that Ephesians was probably Paul’s generic tract–a circular letter meant to summarize the Gospel for any Christian in particular rather than an ad hoc letter dealing with a specific pastoral agenda for a particular church. Thus, if one wants to understand the foundations of “Pauline Theology,” Ephesians would be the natural place to begin.

(Is it not amazing, given the rhetoric in the Reformed & Predestinarian Baptist nanocosm, that Paul could write a letter describing God’s work through Christ and our personal salvation in Him and yet not use the term “justification” even once?)

Jim Jordan’s Sunday School lessons are amazing. They give the listener the background he needs to understand Paul’s thought world that explains how he wrote. If you want to see a basic summary of the Christian Faith from an inspired source explained through a knowledgeable and godly teacher, these eleven lectures will be valuable.

For those of my readers who check the weather in teapots (if you are unaware, consider this God’s grace in your life), Jim Jordan’s lessons are also fascinating in that he directly addresses issues such as the appropriateness of attending non-Evangelical churches, the priority of truth to glory in worship, and the relation of the Gospel to the question of Jew-Gentile relations and identity. He does all this at a time when the wind was considerably calmer.

Get the lectures. You will greatly appreciate them.

WordMP3 / James B. Jordan / Studies in Ephesians

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One thought on “James Jordan’s series teaching the book of Ephesians

  1. David


    John McRay, in his major work “Paul: His Life and Teaching”, agrees with you. He actually has a chapter entitled: “The Heart of Paul: The Theology of Ephesians”.

    That said, a survey of the preaching of 100 PCA/OPC pastors would undoubtedly reveal that Romans and Galatians receive a dramatically disproportionate attention from men who are in principle committed to teaching the whole counsel of God’s word.



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