What more could I have done?

Interesting.  John sent me the link.

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5 thoughts on “What more could I have done?

  1. al

    I must admit though… I have a visceral reaction to her. She shaves her head as a mark of her freedom from headship, starts her own pseudo Christian cult, and yet writes some lovely music. It is a marvel to me that a soul so far gone could bring such beauty into the world. God’s common grace will stand as a witness against her one day if He does not redeem her.

    al sends

  2. al

    Well, I may be reading more into it than she actually says… I think she said it was a reaction to her record company wanting her to get “dolled up.” But, I think in the end it is a mark of rebellion, no one is asking her to get dolled up now.

    al sends

  3. John

    Sinead’s been through a lot of phases, including a brief time when she declared herself a lesbian, though now she certainly isn’t one. I wouldn’t at all claim that she’s an orthodox Christian; I think she’s in some sort of sect, and she’s dabbled in Rastafarianism and stuff like that, as far as I know, which accounts for her pronunciation of the “J” in “Jah.”

    I don’t know that her hair is a mark of rebellion. Perhaps it was revolt against the record company. I can certainly understand that (“I want to make an intelligent album that people will listen to and think about. Who cares how I look?” “No, no, Sinead. We’ve got to doll you up and make you look sexy or no one will buy your album.”) But at any rate it appears that her hair is growing back now.

    All that aside, however, the music is haunting. I particularly liked this one, which is why I e-mailed the link to you, but you should check out the other songs on the album (see the links in the comments page on my blog entry). “Watcher of Men” is an anguished and often angry-sounding song taken from Job, a little too angry for Job, I think, but definitely something to make you feel the passion and, more than that, to make you feel uncomfortable. “Black I Am Yet Lovely” is beautiful, and so is “Something Beautiful” (from Jeremiah).


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