On homo-eroticizing history

OK, I’m late, but I finally figured out why Scalzi is a popular blogger. His post on Today’s Example of an Egregious Use of Something a Writer Once Learned in a Freshman Philosophy Course was completely hysterical and quite right. His target is the claim that movies and philosophies should be labeled homo-erotic (though, careful, he is agreeing with Feeney). Actually, that’s just an aside. His real point is that

More seriously, however, reaching all the way back to Nietzsche and Aristotle to explain why Keanu and Patrick are not [totally deleted because this is a PG blog] is completely unnecessary, the middlebrow cultural commentary equivalent of going after a fly with an axe.

But really, as someone who, in college, loved reading Ayn Rand, the final paragraph was a ROFL moment:

In short: Dragging philosophy into the discussion is not always as effective as you might think it is. Just because Ayn Rand ran to Aristotle for every little thing doesn’t mean it works for everyone. Hell, it didn’t actually work for Ayn Rand. Let’s not get into that now. Although I will say this: if Howard Roark and John Galt ever got together, that would be hot.

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