One thought on “links for 2007-04-22

  1. Jim Irwin

    In just skimming across the ocean of noise that comprises The Great Theological Debates of The Century with which you and others are involved, I am struck by how much we are so completely riddled with sin (I always include myself when making such statements).

    In the coming 11 to 12 years until I can take an early retirement, I am working on completing my college education and my writing skills. Originally my goal was to be able to go to Seminary (perhaps even Covenant there in St. Lewis or taking the new MA offered at New St. Andrews in Moscow ID) and then try to use my feeble gifts for the Kingdom. After the above mentioned surface analysis of various theological debates, I question whether I should even go there. As a newcomer to Reformed circles (well, in the past 8 to 10 years anyway), I still greatly love everything that I can voraciously read on all sides of various debates about the finer points of Reformed Theology (my own views are probably quite eclectic as a result). But I must say that I really don’t have the stomach to wade into all the battles while Western civilization crumbles all around us. I love all of you smart people and I hope that everyone does not lose sight of the big picture of what God is doing in the world. Are we educating the growing Southern Hemisphere sector of the Church in Calvinist Theology or are we just going to let them reinvent the wheel theologically as they flirt with more egregious types of heresy?

    With Love and apologies,


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