Instead of posting a column of links I signed up for regular blog posts to be sent once a day from my account. But so far, nothing has happened. I don’t know what, if anything I am doing wrong. Here’s some recent posting:

  1. the beatroot: Population time bomb…tick…tock…tick

    Human beings are not the problem but the solution….

    to abortion population-implosion … 10 hours ago
  2. Echoes of Gaffin in the Writings of Lusk

    Stating the obvious about Presbyterian development

  3. Left-Libertarian Space Opera

    A review of anarcho-syndicalist fiction

  4. A Libertarian review’s John C. Wright’s _Golden Age_

    to libertarianism scifi books … 1 day ago
  5. Girls chant ‘kill him’ as gang chases schoolboy then stabs him to death

    from the UK

  6. Dylan Hears A Who!

    Bob sings Green Eggs & Ham and other great hits! (Hat Tip: )

1 thought on “RECENT LINKS

  1. COD

    If you log into and go back to that page where you set up the daily blog posting you see the error message that indicates what is going wring.


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