Advent in the PCA

PCUSA evangelicals do Advent, but I think very few PCAs do.

What? No way. I’ll agree that there are more anti-Advent churches in the PCA, but it wouldn’t surprise me if over half the churches acknowledged advent in some way. Every PCA church I have ever attended has “done” the advent season.

OK. PCA members. Let’s hear from you. Does your church acknowledge Advent in some way? Elaborate how if possible. And if you don’t, I’d like to hear that too.

I suppose one might think that my blog is going to produce a bias report. But surely one of my mimetic rivals (unless I’m the mimetic rival) can ask the same question and link here in the track back so we can get a better sampling…

By the way, I’d really like to simply report what is or is not done, rather than argue about it. Lets use other posts for that debate.

By the way again, this is another reason we need a Reformed press! It would be good to have the resources to do some real research on what is being done and reporting on it. I suspect, for example, that the percentage of PCA churches that recognize Advent approaches 100, but that some congregation in a different state might think that no more than a couple of “odd” churches in a few presbyteries do so.

I may be mistaken, but despite our geographical mobility and the internet, I question whether many in the PCA have any idea what their denomination really looks like, especially north of the Mason-Dixon line.

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