more distress signal

OK, I just assumed this was a hardware problem and was going to either live with it or see if having my iMac under a year gives me any breaks…. But I tried something different and, for once, got an error message:

Burning the disc failed because communication to the disc drive failed. (Eror code 0x80020022)

I have a iMac G4 (1.6 Ghz). I’ve upgraded to Tiger. The issue is that I no longer am able to burn cds. It simply ejected the disc with iTunes. Today I tried burning other sorts of files and got the error message.

Googling is not giving me anything intelligible. Any helpful savants out there?

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  1. Jeffrey

    Mark: Have you got the latest online updates for Tiger? Use your “Software Update” program in the Apple menu in the upper left and see. You may have done this already.

  2. Jeffrey

    Yeah, Kurt’s right. I forgot. I’ve had problems with some brands, especially if they are CD-RW. Most CD-R’s seem to work. But I haven’t tried cheapos. If you want to borrow some of mine, let me know.

  3. Bad Monkey

    FINALLY, someone who’s experiencing this problem. It doesn’t make any sense. I have an iMac G5 and using the internal superdrive as well as an external Lacie DL burner. I started receiving the same error just recently and can’t burn to either of them (both of which, kicked at the same time). I know it’s not the discs, because I was half way through spindles of DVD’s and CD’s that were burning just perfectly before. Just to be sure I bought new discs that I know work…. but no more.

    I’ve experienced the same errors twice before, though not both drives at the same time. What fixed it the first time was simply upgrading the firmware on the burner. Second time, there were problems on the hard drive that I was burning from (directory issues if i remember) and running a combination of Tech Tool and Disk Utilitity fixed that.

    But this time, I’m at my wits end and can’t find anything helpful online. I certainly hope someone finds an answer before I end up trying a complete system reinstall. I’ll continue hunting and post if I find anything.

  4. Yana Lolayeva

    I got the same problem! i got Mac Book Pro, running tiger. have this problem recently! tried like 10 different CD and DVD – nothing useful. just wasted disks.
    Tried complete system reinstall – again the problem stays.
    Have no idea what to do, but this is really annoying.
    Hopefully someone will find a solution for this!


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