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Another Way Home

This tale of a boy's summer journey to restore ties of kinship takes an unexpected turn across national frontiers, where a pivotal decision gradually builds a bridge of friendship between two estranged cultures.

(posted July 30th, 2007) Prologue

(posted August 13th, 2007) I: The Journey Begins

(posted August 20th, 2007) II: Hinton

(posted August 27th, 2007) III: Smyth’s History Book

(posted September 3rd, 2007) IV. The Contest

(posted September 10th, 2007) V. Terry

(posted September 17th, 2007) VI. To Crossways and Beyond

(posted September 28th, 2007) VII. An Incident on the Way

(posted October 8th, 2007) VIII. Lowell at Last

(posted October 15th, 2007) IX. The Plains of Xenar

(posted October 29th, 2007) X. A Change of Plans

(posted November 9th, 2007) XI. Tarn

(posted November 26th, 2007) XII. Randal and Samir Set Out

(posted December 3rd, 2007) XIII. Terry’s Life Takes a Turn

(posted December 17th, 2007) XIV. The World Is Changing

(posted January 9th, 2008) XV. A Gathering of Western Clans

(posted January 14th, 2008) XVI. Bron’s Map and the City on the Lake

(posted January 21st, 2008) XVII. A Spy and a Birthday

(posted January 28th, 2008) XVIII. A Confrontation on the Plains

(posted February 8th, 2008) XIX. A Xenarian Welcome and New Friends

(posted February 17th, 2008) XX. Into the Mountains

(posted February 28th, 2008) XXI. The Magic Disc from the Past

(posted March 3rd, 2008) XXII. Secrets of a Mountaintop City

(posted March 12th, 2008) XXIII. Keeping a Secret

(posted April 3rd, 2008) XXIV. Journey’s End

(posted April 15th, 2008) Epilogue: A Reunion of Friends