Obligatory Back to School Post


Despite my absence from blogdom and my presence on Facebook, I am a blogger at heart.  So as I have been posting back-to-school entries since my kids started school 9 years ago, I feel compelled to continue the tradition.

Last Monday, Nevin and Evangeline had their first day at Grand Center Arts Academy, a new charter school in St Louis.  Here’s are their pre-commute photos before heading out the door:

Nevin and Evangeline ready to head off to their first day at Grand Center Arts Academy.

Goofing around!  I think middle school is the beginning of the “need to be goofy” stage.

Charis, a week later, heading to day one of second grade.

Calvin is our homeschooled high school boy–yes, I said HIGH SCHOOL!!!  So far, I have no photo of him at his computer doing school work or on his way anywhere, so this shot of him at the Missouri Botanical Gardens last week will have to serve as his first day picture.

4 thoughts on “Obligatory Back to School Post”

  1. Thanks for the obligatory post — this grandmother appreciates it! — but the pic of Calvin shows up as a color block, bright orange-red. Same thing on our laptop, which uses IE instead of Mozilla Firefox. Just wondering…

  2. Yeah. It showed up that way on my ipod, and I thought it was my ipod. So I will have to check it out when I go home tonight because it was fine right after I first posted it.

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