Wassup Wednesday 10 – Late again!

Being late twice in 10 weeks is actually not too bad.  Right?

Reading:  Not to page 200 yet in HP4 and have re-read the first page of Chapter 2 in Simply Christian 10 times.  Let’s just say reading has fallen by the wayside this week.  Hoping for more time in the next week.

I have been thinking about re-reading a book I read about 6 years ago–

Home is Always the Place You Just Left is a memoir of a young woman who was raised in an evangelical home by a homemaker mom and busy often-absent pastor dad.  Betty Smartt Carter is vulnerable with her readers about her deepest fears and concerns as she grew up trying to understand how to live out the faith her parents led her in.  It wasn’t until she was a young married woman that she really came to understand how God could really work in her life and give her the home she always longed for.  I liked this book because I related so much to Carter’s struggle–her discomfort within her own skin.  I want to read it again to revisit how God led her to a more contented life.  If you like memoirs, you might enjoy this one, too.  (If you’re a member of a PCA church, you might also appreciate some of the details Carter shares about her father’s ministry as he was one of the founding pastor’s of the denomination in the early 70s.)

Kids:  Halloween was the big event of the week for the kids.  I don’t have any really fun pictures of the kids dressed in costume because we just didn’t get ourselves together.  We did attend a great block party on the street of one of Nevin’s friends in the Webster Groves area of St. Louis.  This was quite a shindig.  The family lives on a cul-de-sac, and everyone from their street and a couple adjacent streets join together to have lots of great food, games, pumpkin decorating, a hayride,  a pinata, a scary storyteller, and a balloon artist to entertain the kids.  After the festivities, our three younger kids trick-or-treated in Webster and brought back quite a haul.  Calvin and I headed home to hand out candy, and we didn’t get one trick-or-treater.  It was sort of a downer after our fun day.

Here are a couple shots I did manage to get:

Charis (dressed in pioneer dress/apron) at Halloween Party being pushed by a martian

Action shot of Calvin and Nevin playing ball at Halloween Party

Charis & Evangeline the night after Halloween playing battleship with Mom

Football:  Calvin played his last regular season game on Tuesday night.  He got to start, and he played more than he has all season.  There are 2 post-season games for him, and one post-season game for Nevin, and then we will be done with our foray into the gridiron.  Next year, we hope Calvin is playing for some high school program, but Nevin will be taking a break with football until he head to high school himself.

Lots on my mind and my plate:  I have a lot of stuff going through my head right now, and several activities to keep track of, but I lack the energy and the know-how to share it right now.  Perhaps next time . . .

7 thoughts on “Wassup Wednesday 10 – Late again!”

  1. Late or on time, it’s fun to read, and Dad especially appreciates your weekly updates since he’s not on FB! The memoir sounds interesting, since although we were not yet close to becoming reformed, we were around some people and friends who were involved in the PCA formation in the early ’70s. Maybe I can borrow next time we visit if you’re finished rereading it.

  2. It was one of the summers we were “working” at Ben Lippen Conference before we went to Liberia, and I’m not sure I can remember names. Let me think about it.

  3. Mom,

    I think you might appreciate the book also because of relating to some of what was going on in the church in general during the time period in which she was growing up. The writing is also quite good. BTW, I am also glad Dad appreciates my updates.

    Yes. It was really fun. Webster Groves is a great area for many reasons, and one is that lots of families live there. If we could sell our house, we would try to rent in Webster.

    Thanks for stopping by even if you are talking to Mom in the comments and not me 😉

  4. hurray that football is almost over!!! and yes, i second that the halloween celebration sounds super fun. webster does seem like a cool place to live. you know, we don’t get trick-or-treaters either! ha! but, in your neighborhood, i am a little surprised. also, i think the books sounds interesting. maybe if you finish it and you haven’t loaned it to your MIL yet, you could lend it to me? well, i should acknowledge that i have renewed a book i have right now from the library three times and still haven’t even opened it! i go through stages with reading, and i suppose this is sort of a not-so-much stage. but i hope having a break for Thanksgiving in two (and a half) weeks will give me a chance to read at least one good book.

  5. Abby,

    You would like this book. If lending it doesn’t work out logistically, perhaps I will come across a used copy in one of my thrift store outings, and I’ll get it for you 😉

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