Wasup Wednesdays 4

It’s 11:38 pm on Wednesday night, and I haven’t posted to tell you wasup . . . .

So, here goes:

School :  Got done on schedule today.  This is big,  folks.  When will it happen again?  I don’t know.  But let’s just glory in the moment 🙂

Diet: Still keeping up the lo-carb eating.  It is going well for the most part, but I find it challenging to keep the menu interesting.  Right now I am on a ginger/garlic stir-fry kick.  It is also challenging to keep food on hand for the kids that I really don’t want to eat.  So far, Mark and I have resisted pretty well–other than a couple of times we have consciously decided to partake of something off the plan.  I think Mark is losing a good bit.  I am losing, but I am the only one who can tell.  It may take a long time for this to work for me.  I think this will motivate me to get the exercise thing going.

Kids:  As my facebook status updates and my blog posts indicate, football is our life.  It is time consuming, and I love to complain about it, but ultimately, it is really great for the boys.  They are getting more exercise than they ever have in their lives, and for Calvin especially, it is a good way to channel all his extra energy.  He is also really into it mentally.

Oh, yeah, we do have 2 girls, too.  The girls are busy with drama class that is part of their school program this year, and they are back in Awana at their old school.  This is good since it gives them a chance to keep up with some of last year’s school friends a bit.  Evangeline has started rehearsals again with Kirkwood Children’s Chorale, too.

Let’s not forget the dog:  We are about to have our second anniversary of Simon ownership.  He is a great dog, and we really love him.  He has had a few tummy issues in the last couple of months that have concerned us a bit, but the vet hasn’t had much insight.  We have been trying to walk him more regularly, and that seems to have helped with increasing his appetite and giving him more energy.  We keep watching him to see if we need to visit the vet again.

Boring Post:  This has turned into a more boring than normal post, but I guess that means life is moving along at a nice click, and there’s nothing big to share.   Perhaps I just feel pressured to hit that publish button before midnight . . . .

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  1. Oh, how wonderful to have a “boring” post. I blogged again today as Wednesday was more eventful that Tuesday. I hope Thursday is “boring”!!

  2. Sounds like a great report. Congrats on sticking to the school schedule and the diet plan!

    My challenge with food and kids is to keep my 17 y.o. from eating everything the day I buy it. I hear from my 9 y.o. that his elder brother likes to stop by and say hello to him during lunch at school–and find out whether little bro has anything in his lunch he doesn’t plan to eat. Elder brother is always happy to be the human garbage disposal.

  3. I did not think it was boring! Actually, the mention of your dog reminded me that I forgot to feed our pet last night! The very first official Sexton Family Pet…a Betta fish named Chance. I forgot him because I could not see his bowl behind all the stuff on my kitchen counters. Not good.

  4. Mark, no one wants TMI. 🙂

    Lindy, Your week has been too exciting. I hope your race goes well on Saturday.

    We have 2 human garbage disposals at our house. I didn’t sleep much last night, and I think it was because my oldest son couldn’t get to sleep. He told me this morning it was because he was hungry. We have another 5 – 7 years of feeding teenage boys! I laughed about your son scavenging for food from your younger boy. Too funny.

    Mom, Boring is working for us right now.

    Brandy, I hope Chance is the forerunner to bigger and better things.

  5. Glad life is going well for everyone, except maybe Simon, poor pup.

    My Pa, whom I miss dearly, used to refer to himself as the human garbage disposal!! He would eat just about anything called food quite happily, and he had an amazing appetite for someone his age, especially given how trim and handsome he was throughout his entire life.

    My oldest son who is almost 9, has begun this “always hungry” state as well. Today he had a good sized lunch, then a big snack midafternoon, and I found him back in the kitchen 20 minutes later insisting that he was “absolutely starved”. In his defense his feet have grown from barely a 1 to a 2.5 in only 5 months, so I guess it’s going somewhere!

  6. Tricia,

    It sounds like J is becoming a truly big boy! The regular desire for food from the boys is constantly amazing to me. Keeping them satisfied is definitely a challenge.

    Simon seems pretty good these last couple of days. We changed his food about a month ago, and that helped his initial problems. But about once a week, he acts sluggish and he has some, lets say, intestinal, issues. The vet suggested putting metamucil on his food, but he is not interested in the food when I do that. So we will probably get him some special doggie treats with extra fiber. We’ll see.

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