Wasup Wednesdays 3 – Or, Facebook Redux

Big news this week–Charis lost her two front teeth last night.  Here’s a shot of her and another of her with her big sister celebrating. Forgive the poor quality, please.

 And, football games started in earnest over last weekend.  Nevin’s uniform is not completely in hand yet, so photos of him in his gridiron gear will have to wait.  For now, here’s a few shots of Calvin ready for his first game.





3 thoughts on “Wasup Wednesdays 3 – Or, Facebook Redux”

  1. first game! finally, some sort of payoff for the many practices? or just more days you have to be somewhere for football?!

    august has a lose tooth right now (his first). i bought him one of those “happy apples” to see if he can’t get it to come out soon. what does charis recommend, as an experienced tooth loser?

  2. Abby,
    Yes. First game. And, yes, just one more day to be somewhere for football–actually 2 because most weeks Nevin’s games are on Sat and Calvin’s are on Sundays. They also still practice the same amount of time as before the games started! Nevin won his game today and got his uniform pants, so I will be posting a photo of him soon.

    Charis just wiggled and wiggled her teeth (and had me wiggle them) to get them loose. But the final straw was Evangeline’s knee colliding with her chin to knock one of them out. Then I just gave the other a good yank. The funny thing was that her loose teeth were really crooked, and I couldn’t figure out why. It turns out that the replacement teeth were pushing them out at an angle!

    I hope August looses his tooth soon!

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