Summertime, and the livin’ is easy

Well, not really,  but the weather sure is great.  After a whirlwind trip to my sister’s funeral last weekend and attending a performance of my sweet Evangeline in the children’s chorus of the Sound of Music, this week has been busy but good.

Here’s Evangeline during dress rehearsal week with all her “stage make-up” on.

Mark’s parents are here visiting, and it has been nice to have them around.  We have done none of the St Louis tourist things, but they are ok with that.  The 3 younger kids are in VBS, Mark has a big writing project, and I have work projects to complete.  So they have graciously hung around our house as we go about our normal schedules, and they have helped with meals, laundry, grocery shopping, and kids when needed.  And, we have caught little snatches of conversations between shuttling kids to VBS, boys to football practice, and fitting playmates into the mix in the afternoons.   Mom made my birthday cake and a nice meal for us on Tuesday, and Wednesday night she went to the thrift store with Evangeline and me for the entire 2 hours the boys were at football.  We found all sorts of fun stuff.

Thursday was a playdate day.  Both girls had friends over.  Here’s a shot of Evangeline and her friend playing dress up:

We’ve also been enjoying some fresh veggies and fruit.  A very few have come from my pathetic garden from the cucumber plant that took over the world (or at least my little garden patch).

This is a shot of the first cucumber from the garden.

So it has been a nice week of activity, but the frenzy level has been low.  Perhaps I should have “frenzied” a bit more, but I have enjoyed just doing what has to be done with little pressure to do more.

6 thoughts on “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy”

  1. We’ll do the “tourist things” another time. There was enough family-generated activity going on to suit us just fine, and it was fun! Hope the girls don’t get bored during their visit with us!

  2. I’ve stopped by several times and the photo of Evangeline makes me smile. What a cute picture! She is looking so grown up with the makeup on. I heard that the musical went well and I asked E about it last week and she said it was really fun. Watch out, she’s going to get the theater bug!

  3. I saw these and thought they were cute! We were in Missouri so my internet time was very limited, but I DO READ YOUR BLOG :0) I may not always comment, but I read them all. Keep it up friend!

  4. Rhonda,
    Thanks for the comments about Evangeline. I love the first photo of her, and it makes me smile, too–but I am biased 🙂 The pictures of her and Kaetlyn were taken one day when they were playing dress up. I love that she doesn’t feel like she is too old to play dress-up! Oh, she already has the theater bug!

    You are so good about regular blog entries, so I shouldn’t whine about people not commenting. But thanks for stopping by.

  5. Bridget loves dress up!! I also love that she doesn’t feel too old! She has two girl friends (sisters almost 10 and 7) in the neighborhood that she plays with and I came home from my bike ride on Saturday and they had created 4 skits together. Joey and Bridget also choreographed a martial arts fight scene that is pretty good. If I can get good video of it. I will post it on facebook. Joey is my non-performer. He will do anything to be out of the limelight, while Bridget will do anything for an audience. So it was really fun to see both of them working together and Joey performing for several guests at our house, including almost all the extended family at Gus’ birthday party. I just look at them and say “oh, they are homeschoolers!!”

  6. Lindy,

    All my kids were born filled with the HAM gene!

    I’d love to see a video of Joey & Bridget’s martial arts scene. I’ll be looking for it.

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