My Pathetic Garden

Carrot Tops

Earlier this spring I made an attempt to plant a garden.  A very small garden.  I had Calvin go out to the back yard and dig up grass from a small section of the yard that used to be a garden.  Then I bought some  topsoil and some seed packets.  I know most people plant plants, but time and money were not on my side, so I decided to just see what would happen when I put down some top soil on my little patch of yard and I planted a couple herbs–basil and cilantro.  I planted lettuce, cucumbers, and carrots.  With all the rain we’ve had, I thought perhaps it would all wash away.  But now, it looks like some of the things will actually become vegetables.  The herbs, of course, are already usable.  I think I will have a bit more basil and cilantro than I could ever use, but I will try to dry some and give some away.


The grass around the garden is very long because we have had no lawn mower to use as our new one of last summer decided to stop working.  It was in the shop, but the shop called and said they couldn’t fix it.  I found another repair place today that says they can take it apart, clean it, and possibly make it work.  So the garden area doesn’t look wonderful, but despite my poor planning and willy-nilly way of throwing the garden together, I might just have something to eat from it as the summer goes on.   If all goes well, I might try my hand at a real garden next year.

Cilantro and Basil


6 thoughts on “My Pathetic Garden”

  1. Yep, I think this is awesome. I’ve tried twice to grow cilantro, and I haven’t managed yet. Maybe next year!

    We bought a cantaloupe plant and a squash plant (Isaac’s and John’s choices) because the seeds take too much care and end up being wasted money when they die! Anyway, I think it looks great!

  2. well, i am MORE than impressed with this “pathetic” showing of yours! haha! How wonderful!! Basil and cilantro from seed…OH the things i could do if i had that many herb plants.

    why don’t you make some pestos from your fresh cilantro and basil?? you can freeze the pesto in portions, and then pull it out whenever you want, for pasta dishes, or to spread on dough for pizza, etc. Tonight i made a rice-based salad which uses cilantro pesto, some black beans and corn, and a few spices…very tasty!!

    have fun with your bountiful crop!

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