School Walk-a-thon Fundraiser

This is the second year we have had children enrolled at  a small Christian school in south St. Louis County.  It is like lots of other Christian schools with small classes, loving teachers, strong academics, and sweet students.  However, it is unique because the church that hosts the school donates the building, and even maintenance and utilities to the school to keep their overhead very low.  The church sees this as a ministry to the community,  and I can testify that it is a ministry to our family.  We are very blessed to have our children surrounded by other believers each day as they study and learn academics as well as what it means to be a Christian in today’s culture.

All tuition at this school goes to paying for school materials (textbooks, etc) and teacher salaries.  The school is also very committed to making Christian education accessible to families of all economic backgrounds.  They have a generous multi-child discount, which makes it possible for several families with multiple children to keep them in a Christian educational environment.

The school has very few fundraisers compared to other schools.  As a parent, I am very thankful for this.  However, each fall the school has its primary fundraiser, a walk-a-thon, where parents, friends, and family sponsor the children to walk to raise money to help allow the school to keep its tuition low and its academics and Christian testimony strong. The children do not take donations for number of laps walked, but they take lump-sum donations for completing the event.

This year’s fall walk-a-thon is scheduled for October 31, and the school’s goal is to raise $40,000.00 through this event.  They would like to see each student raise $350.  With 4 kids at the school, that makes our family expectation $1,300.00.  If we were able, we would just hand over the $1,300.00.  But we’re not.  So, I am asking anyone who stops by my blog to consider donating to this cause.  If you would like to donate, you can e-mail me at mjathornesdotorg for instructions of how to get your donation into the right hands.  If you are interested in giving but would like to know more details about the school, e-mail me so I can answer you privately.  Any donations we receive through my blog will be divided up among my 4 children so they receive “credit” for the funds raised.

You can also donate through paypal if you like.  I tried putting a donate button up here, but it didn’t work.  So if you want to use paypal, shoot me an e-mail, too.

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