The One about the Debate

So, who watched the debate?  I watched it while I cleaned the kitchen.  Doing something physical was helpful to keep my mind occupied enough with something else so as to not scream at the tv.

Seriously though, apart from the time that John McCain talked in a melodramatic way about the bracelet he had from the mother of a soldier who died in Iraq and then Obama said, “I have a bracelet, too,” I was able to keep from too many snide remarks.

I admit to some concern about how McCain would do, but I honestly think he held his own pretty well.  The dem spin is that he talked too much about what he did 30 years ago, but I really felt those points did bring attention to Obama’s lack of experience.  McCain may have dropped too many names and said he loved Petraus too much, but overall, I was pleasantly surprised with his performance.

For a little debate humor, take a look at this.

2 thoughts on “The One about the Debate”

  1. “and then Obama said, “I have a bracelet, too,” I was able to keep from too many snide remarks.”

    Yeah, that was a WEAK moment for Obama. . . especially since he ummmed and seemed to have trouble remembering the name of the soldier.

  2. I was like you, Jennifer, working at my sewing machine while I watched to avoid getting too involved. Now I really want Palin to do exceptionally well against Biden tomorrow night, but I’m very nervous for her — and even more so since I just read about Gwen Ifill’s book she’s been writing. I’m surprised she did not disqualify herself from moderating.

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