No Longer on a Roll

So I was doing pretty well there with regular blog posts.  What happened?  What always does–life.

Mark has been crazy busy with work projects.  One has a quick turnaround deadline, and it is sort of speculative.  So pray he gets it done, and pray the $$ comes through.

Then there’s been all the kids’ stuff.  The girls are taking swimming lessons; Nevin is taking wrestling; and Calvin only made it on the waiting list for fencing, but he’ll get in the next session in a month or so.  Awana started for the the 3 younger ones three weeks ago, too.  And, Evangeline has been to the dentist twice in the past 2 weeks.  She had a toothache that turned out to be an abcessed tooth.  She had to have it pulled, and she was very brave about it all.  Then we took her back the following week for a cleaning and x-rays.  It turns out she has 2 more cavities that will need to be filled.  Oh, and the dentist informed me that we need to see an orthodontist.  Yay!  We have expected this with Nevin, but we were crossing our fingers that he would be the only one.

So in the midst of the nation’s economic crisis, life goes on.  Nevin asked me today what we would do if the economic system collapsed.  I told him we would be ok because we have practice with economic crisis.  He laughed at my little joke, which I guess is a good thing since he understood what I was getting at, and yet it didn’t make him unhappy.  (I also added that we would trust God and work for a solution, btw. )

3 thoughts on “No Longer on a Roll”

  1. I love your answer to Nevin’s question and his response.

    So sorry to hear about the orthodontist. I have to confess I was always surprised that Mark & Jay had straight teeth, since I was their mother, but the bad genes in that area must have skipped a generation. I got my first braces at age 5 and didn’t get rid of them until I was about 14. Hopefully methods and equipment have improved since then!

  2. Mom,

    I can’t blame you completely for Evangeline’s dental/orthodontic woes. I think she inherited soft teeth from me, making her more prone to cavities. When we took Calvin to the dentist last year for the first time in his life at 11 years old, he didn’t have one cavity. I know his brushing habits are worse than Evangeline’s. But when i was a kid I could brush and floss all the time, and I would still get cavities. Most of my siblings and I have pretty straight teeth, but I have one brother who had to wear a retainer and should have had braces. So I think my kids get some of their orthodontic history from my genes.

  3. Ah, dental woes and kids. . . Hubby has had ONE cavity his whole life. My Dad is a dentist and I ALWAYS need dental work. Our oldest has already had “phase 1” of ortho, and is getting ready for phase 2. . . which I had hoped we would have been able to avoid, but he has a tooth growing in the completely wrong spot. The second oldest has an ortho appliance — not braces, thankfully. We’re so blessed, though, to have connections in the dental community because even though we don’t have insurance, it has been (kinda) affordable.

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