Final Answer

After praying, thinking, talking with Mark, thinking some more, praying some more, etc., etc., I have decided to quit the part-time job I started last week.  It is just not a good fit, apart from the political differences I described in my last post.  For now, I am going to try to help Mark with some writing projects and try to help keep him more organized.  Our hope is that my help to him will increase productivity and, in the end, increase our bottom line.  We also hope that my being available for the kids when they are sick or when there’s a volunteer need at school will also be a blessing for the long haul.  This is a hard decision to make as it is an investing type of decision–there is no immediate income benefit.   Thanks for your prayers, and please continue to pray that this plan will be a good one for our family.

7 thoughts on “Final Answer”

  1. Angie,

    Thanks for your prayers. I guess I should have explained that Mark is working 2 part-time jobs and already has a couple writing projects to work on. So, there is already work for me to do.

  2. I applaud your decision for all the reasons you mention in your blog. And we continue to pray for God’s abundant provision in your lives.

  3. Yeah. We’re always happy to have people praying for money for us. Seriously though, the one of the big issues regarding my working part-time away from home is the scheduling around Mark’s part-time jobs. One of them is an on-line teaching job, but it is during our after-school hours, and he really can’t be bothered by our kids at that point.

  4. Glad you feel a peace about that. And glad you get to be at home and be more flexible for the kids. We are praying with and for you guys!

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