So, let’s talk about Palin

Sarah Palin has added life to this election–whether you like her or hate her, you have to admit having her on the ticket makes things more interesting.  Imagine what the republican convention would have been like if Joe Lieberman had been the VP candidate.

I like a lot about Sarah Palin.  And, I think that is how it is with every candidate.  You can’t be 100% satisfied with who you vote for. Do I have opinions and even strong beliefs about how hard it would be to raise any number of children–especially 5–and be in any kind of public office?  Yes. I can’t imagine how a mother works in any sort of responsible job and handles all the details of motherhood, let alone handling public life.  But it is done, and people manage it.

What about the unwed 17-year-old daughter who is about to be a mom?  I think it is sad that she has to face this crisis in her life in the spotlight.  I also think I would strongly reconsider running for VP if I had a child in this situation.  However, I don’t think it is fair for democrats to make a big deal out of this since they have been screaming about personal things in a politician’s life being off limits since former President Bill Clinton had his “indescretion.”

I was really excited when Palin was named last week.  I still like her as a candidate.  I am praying for her daughter and unborn grandchild and her family as they deal with this situation, especially while the eyes of the world are watching.

2 thoughts on “So, let’s talk about Palin”

  1. Jennifer, I think you have a great write-up here, and I appreciate your thoughtful and gracious comments on Sarah Palin. I too am so excited she is on the Republican ticket, and feel we have been granted a candidate I can finally feel passionate about (in a good way!). Hooray!! Also, thank you for the sound reminder to pray for our public figures and their families.

  2. Tricia,

    Yeah, it’s nice to finally have someone to get excited about. It takes away some of those niggling feelings I was having about voting for McCain only to keep Obama out.

    As far as the prayer goes, I think I am learning that I have taken my right to pray for granted far too long. Self-sufficiency has been a sin in my life that I am daily repenting of, so I need to pray more about everything, including the future of our country and its leaders.

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