The First Day of School – aka the day I locked my keys in my van

Today is the first day of school.  Charis, number 4 and our youngest, started Kindergarten this morning.  I felt a little bit of tears welling up as I left her room, but mostly I was excited for her.  She is very ready to go to school with the big kids.

After settling everyone in their various places around the school, I headed to the gym to sign up for volunteering for the year.  I talked with a few parents I know, and then headed out to leave.  Upon searching my purse, I couldn’t find my keys.  I looked in the van, and they were hanging from the ignition.  I guess all the excitement of getting all 4 kids and all their stuff out was too much for me to grab my keys before locking the door.  Guess what, after nearly 20 minutes on hold, I found out that I hadn’t signed up for roadside assistance with my cell phone provider. (I have, btw, now 🙂  So a few more minutes and $35 later with the help of the car repair place that we should own stock in, I was able to depart the school parking lot.

Now, on to some photos:

6 thoughts on “The First Day of School – aka the day I locked my keys in my van”

  1. It’s obvious in the pictures how happy Charis is to be joining the “big kids” for real! I checked the flickr pics and new ones from the zoo I had not seen. BTW, tell Nevin I didn’t realize how much my new glasses frames are like his. He must have inspired me without my realizing it! Of course, mine are bifocals and thankfully his are not.

  2. Mom,

    The zoo photos were from an outing there a little more than a week ago. We did lots of activities those last 2 weeks of summer vacation, and with out weather insanely nice, we couldn’t stay home from the zoo.

  3. You need a car like mine! You absolutely cannot lock the keys inside…it’s impossible! The driver’s door ONLY locks with the key. It has saved me much embarrassment and money. Before this feature, it was a regular occurrence for me. 😉

  4. Lori, that’s cool. I finally resorted to carrying an extra car key in my wallet/purse, since I usually carry it with me when I leave the car. Once I even left the car running and found out the police would only help if I had also left a young child in the car! And then there’s the time I locked myself out of your house in Auburn when I went out to check the mailbox with Calvin, Nevin & Evangeline, who was sick with a fever — I think you and Mark were in Connecticut at the time.

  5. Lori,
    Is that a standard feature on all Volvos? After the deal John Barlow got on his used Volvo, I have scoured Craigslist many evenings looking for a similar deal. If this is standard, it makes me want to find a good used Volvo even more.

    I remember your locking yourself out of the house in Auburn when we were away. Wasn’t it nice of me to lock myself out of my van on Monday so we could take this trip down memory lane? 😉

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