Scratching my political itch

I am mostly too dense to understand the posts that Dr. Peter Leithart puts up on his blog. But this one scratched my political itch. It is my prayer that Dr. Leithart is a prophet in this instance.

5 thoughts on “Scratching my political itch”

  1. I think reading Obama as an academician is a pretty huge category mistake in analysis.

    And, personally, I will wake up with a knot of fear in my stomach no matter which of the main candidates win.

  2. Jennifer,

    Thanks for the kind words about the pics of the kids. Yeah, I love the ones I took of the girls cooking. For being 4 years apart, they really play well together.

    I don’t know what to say to your comment. I am kinda surprised you disagree with PL

  3. Like you I could hope PL is on to something. However, right now I’m closer to Mark with his “knot of fear” regarding both candidates.

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