And the Books Go On

I was able to get back to the library Wednesday and checked out Belong to Me again.  I wasn’t feeling great yesterday, so I used that as an excuse/opportunity to finish it.  I enjoyed the story and the author’s ability to draw me in to the community she created.  This isn’t a recommendation, so if you decide to read it, don’t blame me if the morals, etc., are offensive to you.  However, if you like contemporary television dramas, you will probably like this book.

I might write more about this book later, but I might not.  For now, let’s just say I did ok with picking this book based on the cover.

3 thoughts on “And the Books Go On”

  1. I might have to check it out sometime. I’m not very good about choosing modern fiction. I do like a good story and good writing, though. Do you think my sis-in-law would like it? (Dave C.’s wife) I don’t think she’s a believer, and she loves to read. She likes Carl Hiassen murder/beach novels and loves Harry Potter. Last year I bought her Wicked, but I don’t know if she read it. Her b-day is at the end of the summer…
    BTW, our friend Luke Davis just moved to St. Louis with his family, to be Upper School Chaplain at Westminster Xian Academy. They’re leasing a house in O’Fallon. Is that a neighborhood you’re familiar with?

  2. Hey Jenn,

    I think anyone who likes beach novels will enjoy this book. There are some really clever plot connections in the novel, and there is something of a mystery as well. Just FYI, I loved Wicked when I read it years before it was a broadway musical. So if you find out she read that and liked it, then she might just have similar tastes as me.

    Re: Luke Davis at WCA, I wrote you a message off-line.

  3. Yesterday while waiting for new tires at Sam’s Club I browsed the books and I ended up buying The Memory of Running, a novel by Ron McLarty. I knew nothing about it except for the summary on the jacket — but the cover really appealed to me! Of course the price of $4.53 was also attractive for a HB. I hope it will be a fun read for our little “vacation” next week and I’ll let you know what I think of the book when we see you.

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