Happy Easter, Snow, and Floods

Here are a couple pictures from the Horne family for Easter. The photo of the girls is cute, but you do see what happens when young girls demand curlers the night before Easter. I much prefer their regular hair styles. The dresses they are wearing are really remarkable. Aunt Tricia sent them for birthdays when Evangeline was 6 and Charis was 2. They wore them then, and because they have really big hems they can still wear them now. I am not thrilled with the photo of the whole family, but let’s face it, getting a good picture of 6 people, 4 of whom are under 12, between the worship service and Sunday school is not an easy task. So we take what we can get.


We sat in worship today while a quiet snow fall of giant soft flakes fell throughout the service. Then as we enjoyed Easter dinner and fellowship with friends, we saw more of the same. It was so odd to have snow and to run the heat on Easter Sunday.


As most everyone knows by now, some of the rivers around St Louis flooded this week. We went to the home of some church friends who live west of where the flood waters were high enough to close down I44. While the waters have receded since the rivers crested, we passed several places along the road to our friends’ home where the water came up to the roofs of buildings, covered soccer fields, and only allowed the tops of the trees to show.

8 thoughts on “Happy Easter, Snow, and Floods”

  1. Wow, I am so thrilled the girls can still wear those dresses. Abigail (who is reading over my shoulder) says “you are so lucky because you got to have snow!”. Little bit of snow envy from the Texans!!

    Happy Easter…I am glad you survived the flooding with only minimal dampness!

  2. Yeah, Tricia. I told Evangeline we wouldn’t be getting new dresses for Easter this year, and she immediately said,
    “Can we wear the green dresses that match?” I was really pleased with her attitude, so I was happy to get them out and let out hems and iron them so they could be worn today. They are truly gifts that keep on giving.

    Tell Abigail the snow was “cool” in that it came down pretty heavily in bouts throughout the day, but it didn’t really lay on the ground very much. It was more of an oddity than anything else, and we St Louisans would have been happy to share it with all the Texans who would appreciate it!

  3. I think that’s a great family photo. I can’t believe how tall your oldest is!!!

    I’ve been following the flood on the internet. I’m glad to hear the water is receeding.

  4. Jennifer & April,

    Thanks for the kind words. And, yes, Calvin keeps getting taller. He grew 3 inches between August and December last year. This meant all his new school pants had to be replaced before the school year was half over. He has been long since the beginning, and we keep wondering if he’ll end up truly tall as a grown up. We’ll see. . .

  5. I love the family picture! The girls look so sweet in their matching dresses, and boys are very handsome, of course.

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