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This is the scene in our back yard. The ground is completely saturated. And, today, while I was sitting at my desk in the unfinished basement (lovingly referred to as “the dungeon”), I felt some dampness on my feet. I looked around, and I saw something shiny in the seams of our basement’s concrete floor. I got some towels, and started “plugging the dam.” Then I saw little puddles beginning to form around the vein-like cracks in our concrete basement floor. At this point, I decided to move as much stuff to higher ground as I could and pray that the rain would stop soon and that nothing important will be damaged. Oh, and I decided to blog about it. After all, when things get tough, the tough start blogging!

7 thoughts on “You Can Always Blog About It”

  1. Oh, no. Not good. It’s still coming down too!! 🙁

    What a mess…I’m sorry for you. We’ve had that happen many times in the past. It got to be SO bad, that we were finally forced to spend an arm and a leg on a sump pump and drain tiles…ugh.

  2. Right now I’m very thankful we don’t have a basement, as the creek behind our house has combined with the meadow floodplain beyond to create a sizable “lake,” totally obliterating the bike trails that run throughout the preserve. I thought this storm was a Texas phenomenon so all day I’ve been watching the radar in our area and ignoring the rest of the country.

  3. Lori,

    We have had no trouble with the basement from rain before now (only sewer back-up). In past heavy rains, we were focusing our attention upward to the leaky roof. Now that we have a new roof, I guess we are being forced to look down. Hopefully, this kind of heavy rain is not something we’ll have too much of.

    Yes. This is the same storm as y’all have had. I saw the big storm radar band spreading from Texas, through Oklahoma, into Missouri, and beyond. I hope it stops for you soon, so the water doesn’t get any higher.

  4. Way to keep a stiff upper-lip! LOL On a serious note, YUCK! We had some pretty serious water in our basement the first year we lived here. We ended up hiring one of those companies that build a trench around the interior wall to channel the water outside, then cover it w/ concrete. Hope you get to dry out soon!

  5. Update

    Even with all the rain last night, the floor was already drying by this morning. By afternoon with the sun and wind outside, it looks nearly all dry. Our drain seems to be properly placed in the basement to draw all the water to it, so at least that’s something.

  6. Jennifer,

    Yeah. The flooding is happening mostly west of St Louis in the suburbs of I44. Several people from our church are staying in hotels because they can’t get to their homes because the roads are blocked with flood waters. Fortunately, as far as I know, none of those families have homes in danger from the flood waters.

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