A Day at Home

The kids have been home from school a lot lately with MLK Jr Day, Presidents’ Day, snow days, etc. Today, the three older ones were home for a teacher in-service. On so many of their other days off, I have just kept on with work projects I had to finish. Today, I acted like it was Saturday. Evangeline had a friend over to play, I cleaned a little, did a little laundry, did a little web surfing, fed kids, and forgot about most of the work things I had to do.

We ended the afternoon with the three older ones playing Candy Land with Charis, and with three of the four helping with making homemade pizza and Evangeline helping me to make homemade bread to take to shepherding group on Sunday. Here are a couple photos to help us remember the day:

The pizzamakers

The pizza mmmmmmmmm . . . . . .

5 thoughts on “A Day at Home”

  1. It sounds like one of those unplanned memory-making days, which are probably the best kind in the eyes of the children.

  2. Grandmommy,

    Much of the reason for this post was you. We even used Evangeline’s camera for the photos! (I’ll need to use the kids’ cameras for more blog photos if I plan to use my new computer, because there’s no compatible driver for my older digital camera.)

    Thanks for stopping by again. The recent photo of your M on your blog made me wish you lived nearby so Evangeline and M could be friends.

    I hope the bread tastes good. It looks pretty good. We’ll see.

    I need to have more “Mom” days while the kids are still young enough to want them.

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