Serving and Being Served

We just got back to St Louis after spending the weekend in New Hampshire, where Mark spoke at a Bible conference yesterday.  As shocking as it may sound, we went on this trip alone–without children.  Two different families watched the kids.  One family picked them up from school on Friday and kept them through Saturday afternoon.  The other family had them until this evening when we got home.  Now, these are what you call friends, people.  The first family has 4 little kids — ages 6, 5, 2.5, and 9 months.  The second family has 6 kids, ages 10, 8, 6, 5, 2, and 8 months.  But from all accounts, everyone did fine.  When we walked in our house tonight, the only one who was really thrilled to see us was the dog.  (Oh, and our friend Justin took care of Simon for us).  So you see why we don’t get away alone too often.

Mark spoke on Ephesians yesterday, and he really did an excellent job.  Yes.  I am his wife.  I am biased.  But the Lord can still use him to speak to me–to convict me of things I need to work on. 

Here’s the main theme I took away from the talks–God puts us in relationships with other people to change us and make us more like Christ.  We learn to submit to Christ by submitting and serving others.  There was a lot more meat to it than that, but my notes are somewhere between Detroit and St. Louis.  When they arrive tomorrow, maybe I’ll write more.  But, if you are really interested, I could hook you up to buy the cds of the lectures.

One great thing about these lectures for me was that while I was sitting in pleasant surroundings listening to good Bible teaching about needing to learn to serve others in the body of Christ, I was being served by my friends back in St Louis.  They came alongside us and cared for our dear children to allow us to spend some time alone together.  I was also being served by the church that hosted us.  They put us up in a nice hotel, they took us out to eat at some nice restaurants, and they gave us free time alone.  We also enjoyed a vibrant worship service with the saints there this morning, a pleasant meal at a great restaurant afterwards with a large group from the church, and great conversation and fellowship on the way to the airport.

I am glad to be home.  It is nice to come back refreshed and blessed by the service of others.  I am praying I can be of better service to those around me after our little time away.

4 thoughts on “Serving and Being Served”

  1. Sounds like a great weekend.

    It’s a good reminder that we should not only be looking for ways to serve our church family, but that we should be willing to accept help as well. Sometimes it’s difficult to do that–you feel guilty and don’t want to obligate people or whatever…but that’s what family is all about!

    I’ll look forward to reading some of your notes about the lecture if you get time to post it.

  2. So happy for you that you could get away and be refreshed in the midst of service. And be joyfully served by friends both at home and where you were visiting. What an encouragement, and beautiful picture of the body of Christ.

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