The V-Day Post

I see many of my blogging acquaintances are posting about Valentines Day. I felt I must get in on the action.

So as not to be a copy cat, I won’t tell you how Mark and I met, but I’ll post that some day. It has some interesting elements.

I will say that I like Valentines Day because it reminds me to be thankful for a good husband who loves me and our 4 children. It also reminds me to be thankful for the 4 children, themselves. These 5 people are the loves of my life. I praise God to have loves in my life because I know many people don’t.

Most Valentines Days in the past, I have tried to make it a family night, with a “fancy dinner” (anything I make served on china with a table cloth and candles). Our girls really like this sort of thing, and the boys tolerate it. We also usually give the children a little gift. Well, circumstance has made the “fancy dinner” hard for me to pull off this year, but we did manage to get the children small gifts to remind them they are loved. I also made the trip to school to be a party mom for one child’s party. Evangeline and the third graders in her class were the lucky recipients of my children’s party skills. Valentine Bingo anyone? (BTW, I sign up for one party and one field trip per kid per year if possible. I made the party circuit this year, but the field trips haven’t worked out as well.)

I may not have a dramatic love story to tell, but I do feel blessed by the love and loves in my life, which is worthy of a blog post every now and then. Happy Valentines Day to everyone–especially, Mark, Calvin, Nevin, Evangeline, and Charis.

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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to the six of you! I won’t talk about Mark’s attitude adjustment regarding V-Day since his high school days, but I’m sure you made all the difference.

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