New Blog Added to the Roll

I just wanted to note that I just added our young friend Justin Donathan to my blogroll.

Justin is a student at Covenant Seminary who we met briefly in Oklahoma before we moved to St Louis.  Even though we barely knew him, he helped Mark drive our moving van from OK to STL.  That alone earns him a spot in my blogroll.  Since he has been in St Louis, we have shamelessly asked him to help us with a variety of things at our house, and he has almost always said yes.

His blog is pleasant to look at and filled with much more erudite content than a lot of blogs out there.  If you like to read and think, his is a good place to visit.  If you like to pretend that you are a reader and a thinker like I do, you’ll enjoy visiting his blog, too.

4 thoughts on “New Blog Added to the Roll”

  1. Justin,
    I only wish my link and mention would send you some good traffic. But my traffic isn’t that high. But my mother-in-law may start to read your blog, now. She is my most faithful reader.

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