Angie’s Tag Game

My friend Angie over at bloggindasz tagged me earlier this week, and since the first questions is about the Super Bowl, I thought I should post my answers before the game:

1. Are you rooting for the Patriots or Giants?
a. Go Giants!
b. Go Patriots!
c. No strong feelings either way, but should be a good game
d. The what?

I really didn’t think about it being Super Bowl time until last week when I heard something about the Patriots playing. So I am really rooting for neither.

I grew up as a big Steelers fan and even trading football cards with boys at school. But the NFL has not been a part of my life much as an adult. Of course, if there is ever another SB with the Steelers, I’ll be watching. If there is one where the Steelers are playing Dallas or Miami, I will be hosting a SB party requiring all attendants to wear black and gold.

2. Seven choices of vacation. Pick one:

a. Beach house, white sand, great waves
b. Condo in the mountains; view of snowy peaks
c. Nice hotel in New York City with tickets to the latest Broadway show
d. Tour of historic sites and museums in Greece and Italy
e. Bed and breakfast with time for antiquing
f. Home–sleeping in, hanging out, and doing stuff you don’t usually have time to do
g. I prefer not to take vacations.

Vacation, what’s a vacation.

Seriously though, of the choices above, C appeals to me most. I would love to spend a week in NYC in a great hotel with tickets to more than one Broadway show. What would be really fun would be to have a week there with my husband, and then have a second week with my kids there to see all the great sites there.

3. Coffee drinker? If no, why? If yes, sugar, cream, or neither?

Definitely a coffee drinker. I used to drink it black, but a few years back when I was on the Atkins diet that allowed half-n-half in coffee, I started using it to give the coffee a little substance. Now, I drink one cup a day with half-n-half. If I have more, I drink it black.

4. What’s the last book you read (or are you in the middle of reading)?

I just finished Lady’s Maid by Ellen Forster. I reviewed it a few posts ago, so I’ll mention that I am in the middle of Girl Meets God, a memoir by Lauren Winner, which I am enjoying immensely. I plan to share my thoughts on it here soon.

5. You’re at the grocery store, waiting in the check-out line with a cart full of stuff. You glance over your shoulder for a moment, wondering whether you should have picked up an extra package of waffles. When you turn around, you notice that a lady has cut in line in front of you. Your eyes meet. She glowers and starts to put her items on the belt. You:

a. Grumble to yourself but don’t say anything out loud. You dislike scenes.
b. Say, “Excuse me, ma’am, but I was next in line.” That’s about as far as you’d take it, though.
c. March over to the belt, push her items onto the floor, and tell her that she and her cream of mushroom soup can go get in line like everybody else.
d. Grab your cell phone and snap a picture of the lady, thinking “Yes! I’ve got something good to blog about!”

I would probably choose b. I hate to be cut off, whether it be in the grocery store line or on the highway. I have been known to be a little more in your face than choice b indicates, but I am trying to be more charitable toward people in these kinds of situations.

6. Please share two or three links of things that made you laugh. Out loud. A blog post, a cartoon, a YouTube clip–whatever.

Lots of the posts on bloggindasz make me laugh, and I always get a chuckle from Annie’s stories about her crazy boys. My link takes you to a page of her blog where you need to scroll down to the entry called, “Speaking of Gifts.” “Adventures in Grocery Shopping” from Because I Said So was another great one I laughed at last fall.

Now, I tag: Angie D., Jennifer C., and Brandy.

6 thoughts on “Angie’s Tag Game”

  1. Jennifer, I think I would go to New York too. Either that of the B&B antiquing thing. But which show would you want to see on Broadway?

    Also, I so admire your courage to say something to the grocery store lady. I get upset and don’t say anything. I am too afraid. But I pout. And I have had a really rude grocery store employee a few times where I have called the manager from my cell phone once I get in the car! But I am always too scared to talk to the person. And isn’t it better to confront the person that to “tell on them” or blog about it? I think it’s great that you would say something! But I see what you mean about being charitable. I guess that would involve just thinking about what they must have going on and cutting them a break and not getting mad altogether. That is hard to do unless you’re in a really good mood 🙂

  2. Abby,
    Yes, I need to learn to not get upset more of the time. It would just be better for everyone.

    Have you read GMG?

    Be careful what you offer.

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