Looks Like They’re All Closed!

Snow.  Predicting 6 – 12 inches.  I will believe it when I see it. I grew up in Pennsylvania where it really snows, and in St Louis, we have never experienced a really big snow like I remember from my childhood.  Ok, once, nearly 12 years ago when I was expecting Calvin, it snowed enough right before Christmas that they closed I-44 for the day.  But in the combined 6.5 years we have lived in St Louis, that’s the only big snow I remember.

I am weary from a variety of things this week, and you might think I would want the kids to go to school.  But I don’t.  I was hoping for a snow day tomorrow, and I just checked one of the local tv channel websites.  It looks like all the schools around our area are taking the day off tomorrow.  Happy February!

2 thoughts on “Looks Like They’re All Closed!”

  1. I hope you and the children get to enjoy a relaxed and cozy at-home kind of snow day, and that there will be enough of the white stuff to play in.

  2. Mom,
    I am still not done with my work, and I should have finished yesterday. So I will be working in between shoveling, dressing and undressing kids in snow clothes, making hot chocolate, etc., etc. But I am still glad they’re home.

    The snow in the driveway concerns me a bit, though. I had the boys start to shovel, but there really is a lot. Perhaps we’ll have some melting tomorrow.

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