Praise God for Pseudophedrine

I am an allergy sufferer.  I am also prone to sinus infections, especially this time of year.

I had a doosey of a cold/laryngitis thing right at Christmas time, and last week, another cold arrived on the heels of that.  I ran out of pseudophedrine last week, and I have been without it for about 5 days because stopping at the drug store to purchase more has not been convenient during any of my other errands.  Each night I would curse myself for not taking the time to stop because my head would be throbbing.  Then I would wake up with more sinus pressure than I have had in quite a while.

I rue the day that meth labs complicated the lives of sinus ailment sufferers. For the last couple of years, those of us who depend of pseudophedrine have had to show go to the pharmacy counter and ask for the pills that give relief to sinus pressure.  We have to show our drivers licenses and sign either a form or a terminal so that a record can be kept of how much of the stuff we buy.

I appreciate the fact that the government wants to keep meth labs under control, but if I wasn’t required to sign for the stuff, I could have picked some up in the grocery store aisle the other day.

Despite my complaints, I am still thankful that I can still buy pseudopherine.  I bought my supply at lunch time today, and now, less than 90 minutes later, I am at last breathing normally.  Praise God for Pseudophedrine!

5 thoughts on “Praise God for Pseudophedrine”

  1. Does Claritin give you any relief? Usually all Sudafed does for me is make my heart race without helping my sinus problems. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  2. Jennifer,
    I agree. All the PE things are worthless!

    Thanks for your good wishes. Actually, I take the generic version of Claritin. However, Claritin is an antihistamine for the itchy eyes, runny nose, etc.,and I need the sudafed to clear up the congestion. Claritin D is Claritin+sudafed. So I just take both. The only side effect I have had from sudafed is that it can keep me up if I take high doses of it for several days in a row.
    For allergy treatment, I take a claritin clone each morning, and at night, I take benedryl clone + one dose of sudafed. I only need some extra sudafed when I have a cold or sinus infection.

  3. So sorry you’re having a repeat of your misery. The same thing has happened to me only my sinuses don’t seem to be a big factor. I was just beginning to feel fairly normal on Sunday, then a major head cold with sore throat and cough hit me hard on Tuesday. Hang in there!

  4. Mom,

    Thanks for the commiseration. This condition seems different than the one at Christmas in that it is more just a head cold with a lot of congestion. I have my voice this time, and I only have a small tickle that brings on a cough occasionally. I went to choir tonight, though, and I had a hard time singing very well. I also felt wiped out when we were done. Of course, I still managed to check my e-mail and respond to blog comments. 🙂

    I am sorry you are sick again, too. I know so many people with colds/viruses of one sort or another right now. Hopefully, we can all get better soon.

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